Welcome to the Coventry Cultural Place Profiler, this profiler has been designed using the guidelines for the Joint Cultural Needs Assessment to allow for cultural organisations to plan and deliver against place based outcomes using cultural and non-cultural data. The profiler allows for users to find out information about a place at a hyper-local level to understand the needs of communities when planning cultural activity.

The purpose of the Joint Cultural Needs Assessment Guidelines is to support arts and cultural organisations in the planning and delivery of cultural outcomes that address a wide range of locally determined needs in their communities, including cultural needs.

The ambition for the JCNA is that arts and culture organisations develop their ability to offer a strategic response to the cultural and non-cultural needs of their local communities, based on a joint assessment of the actions needed to improve the cultural lives of all and to reduce inequalities and obstacles to participation in arts and culture. All of which requires developing outcomes through enhanced local partnerships, consultations, and evidence-led planning.

Building on the success and local impact model of the Creative People and Places (CPP), Great Places programmes and the Cultural Development Fund, the JCNA will support arts organisations in providing planned programmes of activity that ensure that at a local level:
– Every person can develop and express creativity throughout their lives.
– A collaborative approach to culture helps villages, towns and cities across the country to thrive.
– England’s cultural sector is innovative, collaborative and international.

The Cultural Place Profiler is split into three sections, an indicator tool to quickly understand a place, a comparator to undertake side-by-side comparisons of data and a correlator to show relationships between different data sources.

Development Team

Mark Scott, Warwick Business School
Katy Raines, Indigo Consulting Ltd
Tim Healey, Coventry City Council
Si Chun Lam, Coventry City Council
Harriet Rowthorn, Coventry City Council
Lekshmi Remadevi, Coventry City Council
Jonothan Neelands, Warwick Business School
Lukasz Kolodziej, Warwick Business School
Viviana Sagredo, Coventry City Council


The first section of the Cultural Place Profiler is Indicators, on this page you will be able to understand key statistics about a place easily.


The Comparator allows you to compare different city metrics in a direct comparison with another.


The Correlator allows you to directly plot a scatter graph to see if there is a clear correlation between two metrics.